Dana Beauty Perfection

About Me

Dana Beauty Perfection opened the doors of her salon to clients for the first time on June 9th, 2014 in a different location and under a different name. Some of you will probably remember the first location, which was based inside a tanning studio. Dana was renting a room for eyelash extensions and eyebrows and also had a table for doing the nails, as she was offering multiple services at the beginning. To open her own business was a very firm decision as Dana was working in the factory at that time, from which she was looking for an escape. Her previous job in a factory wasn't bad, she actually enjoyed it, but the only issue was the management, which she faced some disagreements with and decided one day to end that chapter of her life. On Monday she handled in her notice, by Friday she was gone and by following Monday, June 9th, she started a new chapter of her life in the beauty business. 

Beginnings were not as easy, as it takes time to build your clientele and on many occasions, Dana was sitting in the salon by herself while waiting for walks in. At the start, she only had a handful of clients, which she used to practice and improve her skills and gain the necessary experience, while still working in the factory. When she opened the salon, all these clients were more than happy to follow her there and showed massive support, which she will be always thankful for. Slowly, the word of Dana's quality of work spread and her clientele started to grow exponentially. 

After some time Dana decided to partner up with another business owner and move to new premises, where she got more space, more peace and therefore she was able to provide an even better quality of service and comfort for her clients. The popularity of her treatments was growing and she was getting busier and busier and decided to expand her skill set by learning about and adding semi-permanent makeup as an extra service. She attended multiple courses for semi-permanent eyebrows and hired staff, who would help her with all the demand for eyelash extensions so she could free more time for doing permanent makeup. At that moment she decided to close the operation for gel and shellac nails to free up more time for semi-permanent services. 

As you could see on the home page, at the moment Dana Beauty Perfection is only offering eyelash extension procedures due to the many challenges she had to face with time. Some of the challenges included a move to the new premises, the current ones. In the new premises, Dana was able to offer a variety of services, such as eyelash extensions, semi-permanent eyebrows, eyebrows shape and tint, gel and shellac nails with a help of her new lovely staff that she hired due to the planning of growing and expanding the business. With the move to the new premises came the new business name, which stuck till today, "Dana Beauty Perfection". Unfortunately, due to the worldwide crisis, Dana lost her staff and decided to work again on her own to reduce any further unexpected losses. She also decided to stop doing permanent makeup, as she realized it is not really what she wants to do and it was better to focus on procedure with the higher demand, which is eyelash extensions.   

Now a couple of words about Dana and her background outside of the beauty industry. Dana comes from Slovakia, from a little village called Rudnany, where she grew up and spent the first 19 years of her life before she decided to move to Ireland. She finished her studies at Pedagogical School in Levoca, where she got her qualifications to become a teacher for a pre-school and after-school club, although she never decided to pursue this career. Dana is also a former bikini fitness champion, as she competed in bodybuilding for 4 years and won many trophies. Dana has represented Ireland in France during the bikini fitness championships. She is a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, so while you are getting your eyelashes done, you can also get some advice from her regarding a healthy lifestyle, so feel free to ask. 

Since picking a healthy habit from fitness competing, Dana started to look into the overall health of the body and mind. Because healthy nutrition and regular exercise will keep you fit and in shape, sometimes we forget to pay attention to what we feed to our minds. So for overall health, Dana cannot stress enough importance of regular sleep, reading, reduction of TV and caffeine, drinking a lot of water and surrounding yourself with positive people. 

As Dana grew up in a small village in the middle of the forest, she loves nature and is big into sports, mostly outdoors, but still has a passion for weight and body training. Every chance she gets to go outside for either hiking or cycling, she takes it and brings her camera as she recently found a love for photography, which she probably took after her father. Besides all that, Dana has a love for languages, and she can fluently speak four languages while learning another few more. She loves travelling and spending time with her family and is big into protecting our environment, especially in reducing the everyday usage of plastic.