(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the difference between a full and a half set? 

Full Set! 
With the full set, the fake lash is applied to every natural lash which can vary between 100-200 lashes per eye. If the client decides to go with a full set, we adjust the price closer to a half set range!

Half Set!
For our half sets, we apply around 100 individual fake eyelashes per eye. For many clients who do not have a huge amount of their natural lashes, we recommend proceeding with a half set initially!
2. What is the difference between 1:1 and 2D technique?

Difference between these techniques is in the type of lashes we use! 
For 1:1 we use single loose eyelash extensions.
For 2D lashes, we use lashes from a strip and 2 lashes joined are used per single natural lash. 
As you can see on the picture, 2D lashes look more natural and more feathery. There is also a higher price for 2D lashes as it requires more time.  
You can choose from a full or half set for both techniques!
3. Are eyelash extensions suitable for me?

Eyelash extensions are suitable pretty much to everyone who does not have an allergy to adhesive, which can be found out through patch test prior to your appointment. 
Eyelash extension is great for you if you are one of those people who hate putting on mascara every morning and if you are doing lots of sports as they won’t leave any smudges when you sweat. 
They are also great for holidays as you can swim with them as they won’t leave black smudges under your eyes, plus your eyelashes will be beautiful while tanning by the pool without the need for any makeup. Many of our clients agree that eyelash extensions completely change the look of their face and open their eyes even more if they are not wearing any other makeup. 
They are also suitable for you if you just want to look and feel better as all you need to do in the morning is to brush them and you are ready to go.
4. Do I need a patch test before my first appointment?

If you have never got your eyelash extensions done before, it is advised for you to do a patch test at least 24 hours before your initial appointment to detect if there is no allergic reaction to the adhesive. 
Patch test takes only 5 minutes as it consists of applying only 3 eyelash extensions per eye with extremely small amount of glue. If you are allergic to glue (adhesive), you will experience symptoms such as itching, swelling and redness where eyelash extensions were applied within the next 24 hours. If this is the case, you need to contact us and come to get those lashes removed. On the other side, if none of these symptoms occurs, you are free to get your set of eyelash extensions. 
If you had your eyelash extensions done within last 6 months even in some other place and had no allergic reaction, you can proceed with a set of eyelashes (disclaimer to be signed), unless you wish to attend patch test regardless due to your preferences.
5. How long will my eyelash extensions last?

Every set of eyelash extensions can last a different amount of time, as it depends on the growth process of your own natural lashes and proper aftercare. 

There are 3 stages to the eyelash growth (like all hair): 
  1. Anagen – the active growth phase.
    Only 40% of the upper eyelashes are in the active growth phase at any one time. This phase lasts 30-45 days. 
  2. Catagen – the transition phase.
    This is the phase when eyelash stops growing and the follicle shrinks. This lasts 2 -3 weeks. 
  3. Telogen – the resting phase.
    In this phase, the eyelashes can last over 100 days before they fall out. Each eyelash is in its own cycle so there are always some lashes in each phase and most days at least a few eyelashes fall out. Therefore, can happen that majority of your lashes are in this phase, you might feel like your set did not last as long as usual. 
Aftercare is another major factor of how long your eyelash extensions will last. If you do not follow proper aftercare (which can be found explained in another question) you will lose your eyelash extensions faster. 
Factors can be such as excessive makeup, rubbing your eyes, picking on your lashes or letting other products, which contain oil to meet your eyelash extensions.
6. What is the proper aftercare for my eyelash extensions?

Recommended aftercare for your eyelash extensions: 
  • For 24 hours after the procedure, do not wet your lashes and avoid anything hot, such as sunbed, sauna etc. 
  • If doing sunbed after 24 hours, make sure to wear goggles.
  • You are ok to wet your lashes after 24 hours, just make sure only water gets on lashes, no shampoos, conditioners, or any other products containing oil should encounter eyelash extensions at any time.
  • To dry your lashes, only dab the towel, never rub and brush after.
  • At all times, DO NOT wear mascara, strip lashes, oily creams, the makeup of any kind on your eyelash extensions.
  • Makeup can be used around lashes with careful application. 
  • Best products to use while having eyelash extensions on are Simple range (oil-free).
  • Brush your eyelash extensions daily from bottom up with the brush provided, especially in the morning as lashes can get messy after a night of sleeping and rubbing your face in the pillow.
  • You might also notice loose of more lashes from the eye on the side you sleep on.
  • DO NOT rub your eyes and DO NOT PICK your eyelash extensions.

Better aftercare will result in longer-lasting eyelash extensions!
7. Are eyelash extensions damaging my own lashes?

With proper aftercare, eyelash extensions are not damaging your natural lashes if you do not pick on them. 
Clients tend to pick and pull their eyelash extensions when they have only a few left or when they are stressed which can lead to damaging your natural lashes. 
If you find yourself in this situation, please contact us and we can arrange eyelash extensions removal.
8. Is the process of getting eyelash extensions painful? 

No, it is not! 
It can be uncomfortable for some clients who have overly sensitive eyes in certain parts of the procedure, such as applying eye patches and separating eyelash extensions at the end. 
Other than that, the process of applying eyelash extensions is relaxing if done correctly and most clients fall asleep.
9. What type of eyelash extensions would be suitable for me?

At the beginning of the appointment with the new clients, we always do a consultation first which helps us to determine what set of lashes would be most suitable for you. 
You can choose from 4 different lengths of eyelash extensions: short, medium, long and very long. 
We also decide if to use thick or thin lashes depending on your preferences of creating natural and light or thick and full look.
We always recommend starting with more natural just to get used to your eyelash extensions and later proceed with longer and fuller look if a client wishes so.
Although for clients whose natural lashes are short, thin and weak, we recommend sticking with light and natural look as thick and long lashes will put too much pressure on your natural lashes and therefore they won’t last.
10. Why is one eye lasting better than the other? 

This question is being asked very frequently, especially if you are new to eyelash extensions. 
 The reason why you might notice that one eye is still full and the other is losing extensions faster is depending on which side of the body you tend to sleep more. As during night while we are asleep, if you mostly sleep on your right side per se, your right eye will be more rubbing the pillow while you sleep without even realizing it and therefore eyelash extension on this eye will be more affected and you will lose them faster. Also, if you are right-handed, you will use your right hand more for touching your face and rubbing area around that eye too. 
 We know these are little things but repeated over and over again every day, multiple times is going to have a big effect in a long run.
11. What are the prices for the procedures?

12. Do you accept card payments? 

Yes, we do! 
We also accept PayPal and Bank Transfer if necessary.
13. Is there a deposit required prior to my appointment?

Yes, a deposit of €20 is required from all new clients booking in for the first time and from clients after a long break (longer than 1 year). 
The deposit can be paid in person at the salon, by bank transfer or PayPal.
Deposit is non-refundable!
14. Does Dana Beauty Perfection offer any discount or special offers? 

Yes, Dana Beauty Perfection is part of Cashback World reward program. You can sign up for it below:
As this is a worldwide reward program, you can use this card in any shops with Cashback world symbol. You collect the certain percentage of each of your shopping in the stores included in this program and once you collect €10, you can either transfer it to your bank account, or you can use your credit for generating vouchers for stores who accept them. Voucher can be generated very quickly through the Cashback World app in your phone once you have a minimum of €10 credit built. There is many local stores in this program beside Dana Beauty Perfection and many online stores as well, so feel free to check their website to find out more here https://www.cashbackworld.com/ie/ie. For shopping in local shops, you can use the application in your phone to scan your personalized code, or you can ask for a physical card once you are in the salon.
15. Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, we do! 
The gift voucher can be purchased at the salon or paid by bank transfer or PayPal and send to your home address.

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16. What are the opening hours?