Dana Beauty Perfection offers services of eyelash extensions, techniques used are 1:1 and 2D lashes. 
You can choose from a variety of different thicknesses and lengths to create a distinctive look to fit your preferences.

What is a difference between 1:1 and 2D lashes you ask?

Difference between these techniques is in the type of lashes we use.
For 1:1 we use single loose eyelash extensions, where for 2D lashes we use lashes from a strip and 2 lashes joined are used per single natural lash. 
Also, the usage of different tweezers and glues is required for both techniques! 
 As you can see on the picture, 2D lashes look more natural and more feathery. 
There is also a higher price for 2D lashes as it requires more time. 

Full or Half Set!

You can choose from a full or half set for both techniques!
Full Set 
With the full set, the fake lash is applied to every natural lash which can vary between 100-200 lashes per eye. If the client decides to go with a full set, we adjust the price closer to a half set range! 

Half Set 
For our half sets, we apply around 100 individual fake eyelashes per eye. For many clients who do not have a huge amount of their natural lashes, we recommend proceeding with a half set initially! 

Now, this brings us to another difference and that is the PRICE
All the prices can be found in our FAQ section - Q&A Number 10. 

Once you decide if you wish to proceed with 1:1 or 2D technique and the set (Full or Half) of your choice, then the most important factor in the final look of your new eyelash extensions would be the length. 
 At Dana Beauty Perfection, we use 4 different lengths: 
1.  Short 
2. Medium 
3. Long 
4. Very Long

Short Length

For the Short Length, we combine lashes of 8, 10 and 11mm long lengths, where 11mm covers the majority of the lid. 
 Please see some of the pictures of our work with a short length of eyelash extensions. 

Medium Length

For the Medium Length, we combine extensions of 8,10,11 and 12mm length. 
 Please see some of the pictures of our work with a medium length of eyelash extensions.

Long Length

For the Long Length, we combine 8, 10, 12 and 13mm lengths, where 12mm length is used on most of the eye. 
Please see some of the pictures of our work with a long length of eyelash extensions.

Longest Length

For the Longest Length, we use 8,10,12 and 13mm lengths, but the 13mm length is used for most of the lashes in this case. 
Please see some of the pictures of our work with the longest length of eyelash extensions.
Please bear in mind, that every person has different shape of eyes and their own natural eyelashes, therefore the same set of eyelash extensions might look differently on everyone else.

Coloured Lashes

Another new thing that Dana Beauty Perfection introduced recently is Coloured Lashes, which can be added to any set for an extra charge of €5. 
 You can choose from two beautiful colours, purple and dark blue.
You can also combine both colours, which are added in-between the black eyelash extensions lashes.  
Depending on your preference, you can choose to use lots or just a few coloured lashes to your set. 

Please view the following pictures to see the beautiful effects of coloured lashes.


We have certain policies in the place, which needs to be followed and respected!
Deposit Policy! 
Deposit of €20 is required before the appointment for the first time booking or the booking after a long break (longer than 1 year). The deposit can be paid in person at the salon, by bank transfer or PayPal. Deposit is being taken due to too many "No Show" in the past. Deposit is non-refundable! 

Cancellation Policy! 
Cancellation policy is a request notice of cancellation at least 2 hours before the start of your appointment. Cancellation in less than 2 hours before the appointment results in a fine of €10, which needs to be cleared before booking another appointment. For No Show without any notice, there is €20 fine in place and also needs to be paid before booking a new appointment.